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Cleaning Up After A Storm With Pressure Washing

Storm cleanup

Hurricane season is just one of the unfortunate facts of life living on the Gulf Coast. Even if you don't live on beachfront property, a hurricane can bring heavy rainfall, high winds, and flooding inland, wreaking havoc on your home.

If your home has recently weathered a heavy storm such as a tropical storm or hurricane, then cleaning it up as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do to help your property bounce back fast. Pressure washing is especially an important cleaning system you should utilize when doing this. Why?

1. Get Dirt And Debris Off Of Your Home

With the high winds and flooding from a storm, things like dirt, debris, and other mess that normally wouldn't travel far off the ground can collect on your sidings and even up to your roof! Aside from just looking bad and carrying the risk of serious staining, this debris can harbor harmful substances like bacteria and mold spores- more on that later.

Getting this debris off of your home is imperative to curtail serious cosmetic and structural damage. House washing and roof cleaning are services available that can quickly remove deposits of dirt and debris around your home without damaging the surfaces underneath.

2. Protect Your Roof And Gutters

After a storm, your gutters are likely full of debris, and chances are your roof is covered with it too. Aside from preventing gutters from functioning correctly and trapping excess weight and moisture on your roof, this debris may also be hiding damage left by the storm.

Having your roof and gutters professionally cleaned not only takes care of the problematic build-up of debris, but also gives experts a chance to check for damage resulting from the storm, and let you know what your repair options are.

3. Curtail Mold Growth

When your structure has been exposed to significant water damage, mold growth- especially black mold- is a very serious concern. Even if your home was spared from severe water damage, dirt and debris kicked up by the storm and deposited around your property can carry mold spores and compromise your home.

If the spores are removed in a timely manner, then mold growth can be prevented. Pressure washing concrete areas and exterior walls can remove these spores fast, and soft washing treatments with an antifungal detergent can help kill any remaining traces.

Here at Gulf Coast SoftWash Solutions, we want our fellow locals to feel empowered- not powerless- when dealing with the aftermath of something as serious as a natural disaster. We treat each and every property as if it were our own with the greatest attention to care and detail. If you need help cleaning up your property after a major storm hits, give us a call. We'd be glad to help you return your property to safety and normalcy again.