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Help Your Driveway Thrive

Help driveway thrive

It can be easy to just take your driveway for granted. It's literally under your feet- or under your vehicle- much of the time. But give a little thought to your driveway care! While your driveway is a resilient and rugged space, it is not completely invulnerable, and giving it a little TLC can go a long way in extending its lifespan and preventing serious damage. Want to keep your driveway looking good and avoid costly repairs? Read on:

Clean Your Driveway When It's Messy

In some ways, this is a no-brainer- if you want your driveway to look good and not like a murky mess, then you should clean it regularly so the mess doesn't set in. But the importance of driveway washing goes beyond looks.

Your driveway is exposed to a lot of corrosive or harmful substances such as fluids dripping out of your vehicles, tar, paint, and grease. Many of the chemicals in these substances have a corrosive effect on your concrete, weakening it and leading to cracks, flaking, and other damage. Pressure washing is a good way at getting deep into the surface of your concrete and flushing out these problematic substances- along with the stains they create.

Seal Your Concrete

Once every couple of years, have your concrete resealed. Sealing your concrete helps protect it against moisture damage and keeps out other harmful substances while protecting its color and appearance. You can buy a concrete sealer from your local hardware store and seal it yourself, or you can have a contractor do it for you. Just make sure that your driveway undergoes a thorough pressure washing and is free of contamination first!

Repair Cracks And Holes ASAP

Minor damage in your concrete weakens the surrounding concrete, and little cracks or minor holes can soon spread out into big ones. When you notice damage like this appearing in your driveway, get it repaired as soon as possible. If you can repair it while the damage is small and prevent it from growing, you save yourself a lot of stress and money down the line by avoiding more serious repairs or replacement.

Keep Weeds And Grass From Growing In The Cracks

Weeds, grass, and moss tend to grow in the joints where the concrete slabs meet. The roots from grass and weeds can weaken the surrounding concrete, contributing to cracking and damage.

Get rid of these plants when you see them. Occasional treatment with a weedkiller helps prevent the plant pests from putting stress on your driveway's concrete.

There's no one better to help you care for your driveway than the experts. Whether you need help keeping it clean or need some advice regarding its upkeep, when you want the best care for your home's driveway, call Gulf Coast SoftWash Solutions. We'd be glad to help you keep your driveway clean, strong, and beautiful for years to come!