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How Gutter Cleaning Benefits Your Home

Gutter cleaning benefits

Your gutters pull a surprising amount of weight when it comes to protecting your home. Without a properly working gutter system, your home would be left vulnerable to the effects of rainwater damage. This goes beyond just simple water spots either- rainwater seepage can affect your home in major ways, even compromising its foundation!

Your home is at its most secure when the systems put in place to protect it are working at top efficiency, and your gutter system is no exception. Regular and professional gutter cleaning helps ensure that your gutters are able to keep your home safe. So how exactly does gutter cleaning benefit you?

Prevents Water Damage

We'll start with the obvious, which we've already touched on. Gutters protect your home from the rain by carrying the overflow of water away from the base of the house and out where it can seep into the ground without hurting your home. Too much rainwater around the base of your home adds excess water to the soil and weakens the ground, leading to issues ranging from a leaky basement to mold growth to a cracked foundation!

If your gutters are severely clogged by debris, the water has nowhere to go and spills up over the sides, defeating the purpose of the gutters in the first place. Cleaning those gutters when you start to notice a buildup of debris or after a big storm ensures that this won't happen.

Eliminates A Nesting Place For Pests

You may not like clogged gutters, but you know who does? Pests! Insects, spiders, birds, rodents- all of these love to take shelter amid the tangle of twigs and leaves in your gutters, turning them into nests. Plus, if there's trapped water pooling in your open gutters, then you've got a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Obviously, having these dangerous critters living anywhere around your home is bad news. Make sure that you don't give them easy cover- keep those gutters clean, and you're less likely to have pests try to make a home in them.

Prevents Mold And Bacteria Growth

Mosquito larvae and families of mice aren't the only things that can grow in gutter debris. The abundance of moisture and natural decaying material make it an optimal environment for mold and bacteria to grow. It goes without saying that these things are potentially disastrous to your home and health.

Just as with the animal pests, removing debris trapped in your gutters helps prevent mold and other harmful microbes from finding an easy spot to take root on your home.

Extends Your Roof's Lifespan

Trapped debris and moisture in your gutters put a lot of excess weight and moisture on your roof itself. This can lead to sagging, roof leaks, decay, and a plethora of other problems for your roof.

When your gutters and downspouts are empty, excess moisture and minor debris can freely roll off your roof and be carried away safely. It keeps your roof- and by extension, your home- much safer.

We recommend our clients clean their gutters at least once in the spring and once in the summer, with maybe a couple check-ups throughout the year in case of a storm or other event. If you're apprehensive about cleaning your own gutters, then give the pressure washing pros at Gulf Coast SoftWash Solutions a call.

We thoroughly clean every inch of your gutters and use targeted pressure washing to ensure your downspouts are free of troublesome stoppages. It is our honor to help you keep your home safe and healthy throughout the year. The next time you need those gutters cleaned, give us a call.